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  • Introducing the "EVIL EYES" Bracelet - a captivating and symbolic accessory that combines fashion and protection in one striking design.



    The "EVIL EYES" Bracelet draws inspiration from the ancient belief in the protective power of the evil eye symbol. This bracelet showcases a mesmerizing array of evil eye charms, each intricately designed to ward off negative energy and bring good fortune to the wearer.



    The evil eye charms, crafted with meticulous attention to detail, feature a vivid and alluring combination of vibrant colors and intricate patterns. They are believed to protect against ill will, envy, and misfortune, making the "EVIL EYES" Bracelet not only a stylish fashion statement but also a talisman of protection and positivity.

    Evil Eyes

    ₹200.00 Regular Price
    ₹111.00Sale Price
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